Validation of
european patents

For all states in which a European patent is to be protected, validation procedures must be performed. Some countries, like the members of a London Agreement, require only payment of the validation fee and a possible filing translation of claims. Other countries, e.g. Poland, require payment of the validation fee and filing a translation of full-specification into the official language of that country.

That’s why we provide full validation service in all EPC member states via our associated European patent firms.

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To validate European patent in Poland, the Polish Patent Offices requires:

payment of validation fee

filing translation of full-specification into Polish

duly signed Power of Attorney

We provide full validation service in Poland.

The validation procedure has to be performed up to three months after publication of the decision to grant a patent. Power of attorney must be filed as well, but it can be filed after that time limit. Translations of validated patents are handled by experts in the technical field related to the specific case. They are then cross-checked by an experienced patent attorney. If it sounds like a lot, it can be. That’s why we make it easier.

We handle validations at competitive prices.

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