We provide comprehensive services related to various patent proceedings.
Our specialty is European patent filings for foreign clients, especially in the Euro-PCT phase. With a fine-tuned system for handling applications, we ensure efficient communication with clients at competitive costs. This also includes our assistance with all stages of proceedings, including examination, opposition, and appeals.

We handle the full range of proceedings before the Polish Patent Office as well. This includes our assistance with IP consulting for Polish subsidiaries of foreign companies. A number of our clients are Polish subsidiaries of foreign companies and we have extensive experience training Polish engineers to think of patents in the European way.

We also offer specialized consulting and training services for:

–    R&D Employees, Engineers, Scientists
o This technical training is aimed at understanding the patent system, patent searching & analysis, and the requirements for patentability in the European patent office

– Management personnel
o This strategic training is aimed at understanding the value of IP protection, developing IP protection strategy, and calculating budgets

With experience in all fields of technology, including specializations in mechanics, electronics, computer software, and materials processing, our system for communicating with clients is flexible and catered to individual needs. We can adjust our reporting style to your specific firm and provide you with documentation and reporting in any customized form necessary to suit your client’s needs.

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After a decision to grant, a European patent is issued and the following formalities have to be completed:

Payment of the grant fee

Filing translation of claims into two other official languages of the EPO (i.e. French and German if the application is prosecuted in English)


For all states in which the patent is to be protected, validation procedures must be performed. Some countries, like the members of a London Agreement, require only payment of the validation fee and a possible filing translation of claims. Other countries may require payment of the validation fee and filing a translation of full-specification into the official language of that country.

That’s why we provide full validation service in all EPC member states via our associated European patent firms.

For more details, as well as a complete fee schedule, please send us an e-mail or fill out the contact form.


European patents allow for the protection of an invention in selected member states of the European Patent Convention

Proceedings for granting the patent are executed before the European Patent Office (EPO). After the EPO issues a decision to grant, the patent has to be validated in selected member states.

For an average grant time, an allotment of 4 years after filing at the EPO is standard. The following chart illustrates the most important elements of a typical European patent procedure over the course of those four years: